E&P Magazine - September 2013

As I See It

UK gets a taste of US craziness

With a new drilling campaign still in its infancy, Cuadrilla Resources is already feeling the anti-frac sting.

Cover Story

Delivering in the deep

Deep and ultra-deepwater activity is rising at a rate at which the offshore E&P industry can barely keep up. With planned capex on deepwater projects set to make up more than half of the global offshore figure by 2017, though, the industry’s fastest-growing sector shows little sign of slackening its pace.

Project surge taking deepwater US GoM to new level

A conveyor belt of large discoveries, multibillion dollar developments due onstream in the short term, and a strong forecast growth in the long term means the GoM is fast leaving the dark days of Macondo behind.

Exploration Technologies

Making the case for seismic

Seismic surveys can be a hard sell in unconventional settings, but their value can be quantified.

Drilling Technologies

Money still can be made in gas drilling

Barclays Commodities Research said capital markets appear to be wide open to the E&P sector.

Completions and Production

Three heads are better than one

A recently formed company is set to bring solutions to subsea production challenges.

Offshore Advances

A flexible approach is key to offshore growth

With 31% of the world’s hydrocarbons produced daily offshore, that percentage is expected to rise through 2020 and beyond. This means operators need to be increasingly flexible in their development options.

Special Report

Next-generation surfactants improve chemical flooding

Lab results indicate 70% recovery.

Digital Solutions

Big data gets big help

New platforms help manage the onslaught of data while enabling real-time decisions.

Real-time data delivery knows no bounds

Combining wireless sensing with cloud technology enables easier collection and display of critical data.


Closed-loop automation of DWOB

The automated DWOB controller delivered significant improvements in downhole stability, increasing ROP drilling stability in test wells by an average of 93%.

DAS enables simultaneous multiwell VSP

New system offers a cost-effective method for real-time permanent reservoir monitoring, improving overall recovery.

Doors open for Arctic drilling

Interest remains high in the Arctic as climate changes create opportunity amid ongoing challenges, new territory becomes available, and partnerships form to jointly tackle a tough region with potentially large payouts.

Eagle Ford oil production tops 535,000 b/d in five years

As operators learn the nuances of Eagle Ford production, companies are ramping up the rig count and testing the Buda, Austin Chalk, and Pearsall formations to add to reserves.

HD 3-D cameras prove value downhole

Full-color HD video technology is beginning to be deployed in the wellbore environment.

High-power ESP tubing connector systems for deepwater applications

A new system design currently in testing seeks to improve ESP connections in HP/HT environments.

Improving decision-making through model-driven interpretation

Putting the model and risk analysis at the center of the decision-making process enables operators to maximize their assets.

Increasing efficiency, safety through automation on land drilling rigs

Automated systems, centralized control, and a reduced number of people allow easier and more effective handling of the hydraulic rig with beneficial effects on overall performance and costs.

MPD advances path forward for deepwater drilling

New techniques and devices stretch water depth limits.

New downhole components meet needs for extreme high temperatures

Electronic components that can operate with greater life expectancy in 200°C environments were developed using ceramic electronics technology.

New optical gauge design excels in HP/HT frac test

A newly designed HP/HT monitoring system sees success in Australian shale well.

Open standard protocol can improve real-time drilling surveillance

One national oil company has been a pioneer in the use of WITSML as part of incremental improvements in drilling surveillance.

Our thanks to George Mitchell

He drilled 10,000 wells during his career, but those in the Barnett shale changed everything.

Proactive approach to well integrity with metal-to-metal sealing

Steel cladding can be ‘morphed’ to fit the circumference of the open hole or the inside surface of casing, liner, or tubing walls to create durable gas-tight metal-to-metal isolation solutions.

Real-time structural integrity monitoring boosts jackup operations

With high-specification jackups drilling development wells through steel jackets in deep water, structural integrity between the jackup and the jacket is critical.

Risk management can stave off catastrophe

Significant price swings in crude oil put profits and operations in jeopardy. There is an urgent need for technology solutions that manage and mitigate risk.

Spending in Eagle Ford in 2013 estimated at $28 billion

The Eagle Ford shale is predicted to be the world’s top producing tight oil formation in 2013.

View from the UK as the shale gale begins to blow

International interest in the potential of the emerging UK shale gas sector is mounting, along with public controversy, with early activity finally under way.

Tech Watch

Study assesses mask use in underwater escape

Tests indicate that diving masks offer better visibility in escape simulations.

Tech Trends

Activity Highlights

On The Move

Industry Impact

Improving drilling performance using clay-free fluid systems

Diesel-based fluid system can lower overall well costs, improve drilling efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

Management Report

Overcoming the onslaught

With the volume of land and lease data increasing, integration becomes a key factor.