Barack Obama caught some flack for saying that Americans should maintain their tire pressure in order to reduce dependence on foreign oil. Both John McCain and the radio talk show hosts of course had a field day with this, taking jabs at Obama and trying to make it seem as he was offering an unrealistic solution to the energy crisis. But what Obama was really getting at, once you placed the quote in context, was that it wasn't just the job of the govenrment and big business to fix our energy crisis. It isn't the government and Exxon using all the gasoline everyday--people like you and me are the ones filling up our gas tanks the most. With people complaining about paying through the nose for gas, the least they can do is make sure they're getting the best fuel efficiency possible. Look, making sure your tires are properly inflated won't solve dependency on foreign oil. But every little bit certainly helps. And since a good chunk of the world considers us to be such a wasteful society, we shouldn't feed into their stereotypes. Our governments and businesses should take iniative into solving these problems, but everyone should do their part as well. To swipe a line from an old World War II poster, "Victory Begins At Home." –Stephen Payne, Editor, Oil and Gas Investor This Week;;