Survey results released today by Deloitte show that Generation-Y (born 1982-1995) oil-and-gas workers seem to be happier, more confident in their job stability, and less money-hungry than their peers in other industries. Members of Generation-Y have been known to be more concerned about high salaries and a work-life balance than their predecessors. (Who, me? Don't look at me...I just have spinning class, dinner with friends, and a church class planned after work today). According to the Deloitte survey, Generation-Y oil-and-gas workers are less concerned about money than their peers and more concerned about advancement. Those surveyed chose from 11 actions employers can take to retain them, and 65 percent of Generation-Y oil-and-gas-workers picked “provide opportunities for advancement). Among survey respondents from other sectors, the top pick was “Increase your salary and/or bonus.” Generation-Y oil-and-gas workers also seem to be happier in their jobs, with 83 percent reported being “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with their current jobs. Fewer than 70 percent of Generation-Y members in other industries felt the same way. Overwhelmingly, Generation-Y oil-and-gas employees believe their employers are committed to them. Even in a period of economic crisis, 90 percent of respondents in oil and gas companies perceive their job security to be “high (I will definitely keep my job),” or “somewhat high (I will probably keep my job),” as compared with 77 percent of respondents in other industries. What makes Generation-Y oil-and-gas workers different from the members of my generation in other industries? Connections. While no one likes to admit that they are working for someone, we all enjoy having a mentor figure who drives us toward greatness. Unlike most industries, many members of the oil and gas industry have either a family member or a close family friends for whom they work. My colleague Stephen Payne often encounters this while conducting his Brightspot interviews for the monthly Oil and Gas Investor. In fact, our May Brightspot, investor Joshua Batchelor, said his father has been "a constant and invaluable source of advice" throughout his career. The strong connections within the oil and gas industry make careers more enjoyable, and I think these relationships also ignite a little more fire in the work tanks of Generation-Y workers. Visit for more on the survey. -Lindsay Goodier,