Working for Hart Energy affords you opportunities to meet with VIPs, write articles about interesting issues in the industry and eat the occasional exotic delicacy. Hey, we take the benefits we're offered. But know what one of the best privileges is? I was at our booth at NAPE last summer when I started to notice something. People were coming to our booth, not to sign up for a subscription or look at our samples. They had things to say about our publication. Very flattering and yet, for me, humbling things. They like Oil and Gas Investor. You might roll your eyes and say, "Well, duh." But no really, I listened to them go on and on about how important our publication is, how they like the stories, the photos, the commentary and other features. One person said that their company used our back issues for their archives. Needless to say, I was very pleased to hear this. I suppose you always assume that people enjoy your work, but that these oil company execs would take time from their schedules to come by and say that our magazine wasn't just something they set out on the coffee table, but was something important, fresh and most of all, appreciated... Yes, appreciated is the right word. Well, those were some fine comments, if I say so myself. –Stephen Payne, Editor, Oil and Gas Investor This Week;