According to Ernst & Young, if you're an E&P company duking it out in today's turbulent economic environment, you fall into one of three categories: Good shape: tons of cash, total flexibility, in a position to be opportunistic In trouble: seriously stressed as you manage year-end balance sheets Cautious, but OK: pulling back capital programs, looking at cost reductions, in the majority To help you get a gauge on where you are, E&Y has created the "Stress Pendulum" that swings from a positive "cash flow" on one end of the scale to "cash burn" at the other. For a more detailed view, click here: Ernst & Young's Stress Pendulum Your company is "performing" if you are in a position for acquisition opportunities, have portfolio optimization and supplier stability. You are "underperforming" if you are facing market reassessment, evaluating working capital, managing liquidity and reducing costs. You are "at risk" if you are juggling stakeholder management, have asset impairment and must divest assets. You are "insolvent" if you are forced to close business units, are undergoing capital restructuring or, worst, under the supervision of a court! Hope you're in the green. Steve Toon, Editor, A&D Watch; The A&D Center,; Contributing Editor, Oil and Gas Investor;;