Well, I opened my wallet this morning, and you'll never believe it... funny dollar All right, enough with the fun and games. Wall Street is reeling after yesterday's House rejection of the $700 billion bailout plan. And the rejection of the bailout plan wasn't the only shock of the day yesterday thanks to Citigroup's takeover of Wachovia. Even though the FDIC is saying Wachovia did not fail, the takeover is just an added ripple in a ever-widening financial crisis that is now taking on global implications. According to statements from the FDIC, Citigroup will take up to $42 billion of losses from Wachovia's $312-billion loan portfolio. Rumors of more bank closures are swirling and stock brokers are on edge. What's an investor to do? Well, I was always taught to invest when things are bad. If it's true that what goes up must come down, then it must also be true that what goes down must go back up, right? But can things only go up from here? Could the largest dip in Wall Street be followed up by an even worse dip? It's still hard to tell. I just hope the next time I glance at the dollar bill in my wallet that George Washington isn't weeping.