We recently had a “post-mortem” meeting following last week’s North American Prospect Expo. I didn’t spend a lot of time in our booth, but those that did all echoed the same comments from visitors – “I didn’t know Hart did all of this!”

Hart does a lot. If you’re reading my blog (thanks, by the way!) you’re probably familiar with E&P Magazine, our upstream technology-focused publication. Hopefully you’ve also noticed that we keep our website updated with news, analysis, new technology launches, blogs, activity highlights, upcoming events, webcasts, videos, and a host of other offerings.

Here’s what you might not know:

  • We have three “sister” publications – Oil and Gas Investor, aimed at the financial end of the business; Pipeline & Gas Technology, covering the midstream; and Fuel, looking at public policy, finance and investment, refining, transportation, sustainability, and technology.
  • We have several newsletters that run the gamut from upstream to natural gas processing to downstream issues.
  • We produce “play books” on hot plays, typically shale plays. These books are among the most comprehensive when it comes to everything you might want to know about a specific play. They are available at our Hart Store, https://www.hartenergystore.com/.
  • We produce maps of areas of interest.
  • We produce directories listing major players by region. We’ll soon have a directory listing oil and service companies in the Marcellus Shale.
  • We produce special supplements on specific regional and technology topics as well as field development supplements focusing on major fields coming onstream.
  • We put on numerous conferences throughout the year, including our Developing Unconventional Gas (DUG) series. Last year we had a DUG East conference in Pittsburgh for the first time which was one of our largest ever, and this year we will have our inaugural Developing Unconventional Oil (DUO) conference in Denver.
  • Our downstream consulting group publishes special reports on areas of interest relevant to that segment.
  • We publish show dailies for several of the large trade shows, including the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

Want to know more? Check out www.hartenergy.com. It will link you to all of these sites, and more.

This company has grown from a small regional magazine to what it is now. We’ll try to keep you up to date with the changes!