My polling place came with a continental breakfast and morning paper today. (Just joking.) My precinct's polling venue is the Hampton Inn in the Galleria district here in Houston. I recently moved my voter registration to Texas, and long-time residents of my mostly commercial and multi-family-development neighborhood say past polling venues have been homes under construction, garages and even restaurants. Hum, wonder if voting then came with chips and salsa, and maybe a beer too. The exit poll this morning was at Starbucks, where free coffee was being served to anyone showing a voting receipt. Word is the line/wait was longer for the free cup of joe than for voting. The McDonalds organization is surely stuttering for not having thought to offer a similar celebration of this American experience. No matter the outcome today and during the next four years, thank you for voting. The vigor of citizenship across these 50 states today suggests and assurance of continued peace and pursuit of prosperity in this land that is unlike any in all of world history, and remains enchanting to those who wish to enjoy the same.

–Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch, Today,,;