By John Pitre, Manager, Western U.S. Division, Expro Understanding a downhole well problem is challenging for operators. Problems aren’t always obvious and often require a closer, detailed look. Finding the problem, and ultimately the solution, is of upmost importance, because it can save time and money. And that’s where Expro can help. Finding The Problem Expro, a company focused on well-flow technology, recently added the latest edition to their downhole video portfolio, the HawkEye IV. The camera offers operators a cost-effective way to view downhole problems and improve their understanding of wells through enhanced data. Obtaining the images of a downhole problem can help operators understand what they are up against, instead of guessing the problem. This information is valuable to the operator because it allows them to choose their best course of action, which can save money and fix the problem correctly upon initial action. About HawkEye IV The camera communicates with an instrument that carries it down the well and stores the images via a downlink allowing reliable and easy access to control the camera and electronics in the well. The downlink enables the video operator to easily control the ViewMax lighthead, a tool with a second camera in the backlight camera lighthead. Using the ViewMax, switching from down view to side view and stopping or starting, rotations are accomplished with the press of a button rather than by voltage adjustment from the surface. The camera can be seen in action at view the HawkEye IV. One prominent enhancement to the camera is the “turbo mode,” which commands the tool to increase its frame acquisition rate by storing the images in the tool and then transmitting batches of images to the surface. The higher acquisition rates are particularly well suited for moving fluids, such as pinpointing fluid type and entry location or understanding flow regimes, and enhancing understanding of production logs in horizontal wells. Up to 1,000 images can be stored on the tool at one time and are captured onto a laptop during the survey. HawkEye IV is yet another step forward in terms of providing the most advanced downhole technology to customers. By making the operation of the tools more efficient and adding full-motion capture capability, Expro is closing the gap between e-line and fiber-optic systems and providing more capabilities to customers. The HawkEye IV is a milestone achievement for Expro’s downhole camera systems. It has been designed to help provide operators a cost-effective way to view well problems with better understanding of those problems to make sure they can fix the problem right, the first time around. Editor's Note: About Expro - Expro's business is well-flow technologies and specialized services. The company provides a complete package of services and products to assist our customers across the lifecycle of a well. Expro’s expertise is offered through: well testing and commissioning, production systems, wireline intervention, connectors and measurements, and deepwater intervention. Expro employs more than 4,500 people in 50 countries, committed to delivering operational excellence to its customers around the world. Its North America headquarters are in Houston, with operational teams across the divisions of East Texas; Mid-Continent; Southern; Western U.S.; Western Canada; Mexico; frontier and the Gulf of Mexico. Contact Expro’s downhole video experts Rodney Korczynski and John Pitre.