Vanity Fair is out with its third annual "Green Issue" full of underwhelming articles and commentary on the Earth. Again, its cover alone mocks the very concept of green. For last year's cover, Annie Leibovitz was flown to Germany to photograph a new polar bear at the Berlin Zoo. Leonardo DiCaprio and Leibovitz were both flown to Iceland to photograph him on a glacier. The images were "photomontaged" to make it appear as though he was in the Arctic with this baby polar pawing at his knee for gentle attention and protection. The carbon footprint was amazing. The obtuse deceit was extraordinary. This year, Madonna is on the cover in front of a rendition of Earth. An editor describes the rendition: "...commissioned the London-based set designer Robbie Doig to construct the actual globe. Made from polystyrene, resin, and plaster, finished with paint and marble dust...arriving in L.A. from London...." The magazine's disregard for "green" in making its "green issue" covers is uncanny. Papier mache could have created the same effect, and why not make it at Madonna's U.K. home by a local? Carbon footprint: practically zero. Alas, this is the "faux green" the oil and gas industry contends with daily. It is overtly oxymoronish, yet many Americans don't see through it. This year's issue is a sad bore. Last year's was the same. For example: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote about driving across the country in his SUV from the D.C. area to Wyoming with his falcon to hunt sage grouse. He proceeded to complain that his falcon had fewer sage grouse to hunt that year, and that this was the fault of Halliburton (yes, Halliburton specifically) and oil and gas companies. Yes, you get the irony. In this year's "green issue," he writes of "The Next President's First Task" and calls it "a manifesto." It is also about the environment. A better read is the C. Russell Luigs (the retired chairman of GlobalSantaFe) contributed report on investing in America's energy future. It's in the April issue of Oil and Gas Investor, and it's quite an enlightening must-read on where to from here. --Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch, Oil and Gas Investor This Week,;