LSU football coach Les "Les is More" Miles has fired starting quarterback Ryan Perrilloux. The No. 1 college football team in the country was relying on Perrilloux to step up to the plate that has been vacated by graduating senior quarterback Matt Flynn. But risk an NCAA penalty against the entire team because of one player, who has already demonstrated great infraction risk? And, outside of NCAA rules, there was a great risk of diminishing team morale by Perrilloux's continuing antics. Does your team need some house-keeping? Despite that the energy industry is strapped for star talent?...Well, it's strapped for talent...Okay, it's strapped for people. Miles says simply in a statement posted by LSUSports.Net, “Ryan was given every opportunity to be a part of this football team. In the end, he didn’t fulfill his obligation as an LSU student-athlete. We hope that a new beginning will benefit him. I wish Ryan and his family nothing but the best in any of his future endeavors.” More than a few business-team leaders surely know, in hindsight, of how they wished they had done the same, sooner, within their own ranks. –Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch, Oil and Gas Investor This Week,;