I was googling the other day in an honest search for information when I stumbled upon a gem. The title of the page was "How to Get a Job as an Oilfield Equipment Salesman." The first sentence read "when it comes to sales jobs one of the highest commissioned jobs is that of an oilfield equipment salesman." The site followed with explanations and instructions on getting that high paying job in the patch. About the career: "A drilling rig can cost several million dollars and a good salesman could easily make a year's salary in one sale." All of you out there who have had this experience - who have sold a drilling rig this year and made a year's salary in one sale - please stand up. The site continues: "It does help if a person has a good amount of mechanical knowledge (no kidding) as well as sales experience. Oilfield buyers are tough customers and will ask tough questions, especially to trip up an inexperienced salesman who does not know what he is talking about." Having bought my share of bits, tubulars, bentonite, etc., I can vouch for that. Further: "In addition to reading as much as you can about all aspects of the oil and gas industry (a multi-year task) you may want to actually spend some time in the field learning about the products you will be selling as they are really used." And: "If you are going to be selling oilfield drill bits for example, try and visit a few rigs and see how they are applied . . . " You can bet I always had room on my rigs for trainee bit salesmen. Finally: In doing so you can be more prepared for a tough sell to a crusty old oilfield company man or toolpusher." Your hope here, I assume, is that the crusty old man will laugh himself into incoherence and actually buy something from you. I don't know where they find these web gurus but my assumption is that a train full of circus clowns derailed in front of some one's office.