It's a sign o' the times. This afternoon I was on my way back to work, after Sport Car Repair diagnosed the "check engine" light on my 1999 Porsche Boxter as being nothing more serious than a lean-fuel warning, which resulted from my allowing the gasoline tank to become too close to empty. Oops. The car-shop owner reset the light and sent me on my way with a cheery "Have a good day!" No charge for the computerized diagnosis or service, by the way. Gotta love that guy. My route back to the Hart Energy Publishing office took me west on Westheimer and then left on Voss. After making the turn, I was stopped at a traffic light. On my right I noticed a massive complex of soon-to-be-apartments under construction. "Makes sense," I thought to myself. "People are losing their homes, or can't get a loan to buy one, so more Houstonians are turning to apartments rentals as an interim solution." The apartment buildings, (and there quite a few in the complex), were already piped and framed, but it was obvious that a lot more work needed to be done. The light changed. I shifted into first gear and acclerated. As I blew past the entrance gate, I saw a big yellow plastic sign, relaying a message that probably has never before been displayed in Houston--"Construction Not Hiring."