Is this year going to be the year of extreme seasons? Here in Houston, we've had triple-digit temperatures during the summer and drought. Now, the first day of Fall, we have torrential rains and a downright cool breeze sweeping down the streets. Well, why not? We've had extreme health care debates, extreme financial markets, extreme well IP results, extreme legislation, and more. We've had everything but a hurricane, and there is still time for that. Will this winter bring a hard freeze and, dare I say it, even snow? It's not unprecedented, just rare. It seems likely we will have a cold winter. The weather gods are praying for it. And by weather gods, I mean that group of ExxonMobil employees I saw lifting their beer mugs at the Gingerman and chanting, "Cold! Cold! Cold!" last weekend. Were they celebrating chilly brewskies or do they want their stock price to rise as the temperature drops? Hard to tell. We'll have to wait to see what the winter brings, but today, I am happy for the rain. I planted 52 delicate white impatiens in my front garden this weekend, and am glad to see them get a sturdy start before the hot sun returns.