At this writing, Oil and Gas Investor art director Marc Conly and managing editor Susan Klann in Denver, where each home office, were packaging the final pages of the October issue. Fortunate for the Oil and Gas Investor team, Marc and Susan were fully up and running in the Rockies throughout this week, as Houston team members continue piecing together home access to various services, and the Houston office remained downed by power failure. One by one, each Investor staffer was reporting great news of restored power at their homes, running water, back-up landline phone service, cable and wireless Internet access. Publisher Shelley Lamb was here at my home when she learned that hers had lights again. We decided that, somewhere out there, an angel must have gotten her wings. Pooling together what services were available to various staffers, a makeshift command center developed here at my home near the Galleria, which remarkably never lost power. It appears it is on the Neiman Marcus grid, since the Galleria shopping mall itself was shining brightly throughout Ike Night while transformers were blowing up throughout the city. Houstonians who could see the city’s skyline during the storm report that the explosions looked like images of the Baghdad sky during Desert Storm. One trip-up: I did lose my Internet access (note to self: go broadband). News editor John A. Sullivan lost power but had a working broadband card, as did Shelley, and each contributed Internet access. Both were air-conditioning refugees, as was editor-in-chief Leslie Haines, who sat on my couch with nearly 100 October-issue editorial page proofs, phoning remarks in to Susan in Denver. Page International, which prints Investor each month, had messengered to my home from its Houston plant a print-out of the page proofs that Marc in Denver had sent, as my home printer/scanner is a struggling little Epson even on its best day (note to self: buy new/better printer) and my Internet access to the files was spotty. (At times, I was able to pick up files from e-mails while accessing property-management WiFi from the pool. Yes, having to “work” from the pool: Priceless. But there was no laptop power-cord outlet there, a sensible pool-safety feature, so my work from the pool was always all too brief.) From what resources they could muster, John Sullivan, A&D Watch editor Steve Toon and online news editor Stephen Payne were preparing news for and the new, and for the newsletters A&D Watch and Today (fka Oil and Gas Investor This Week), as well as additional editorial for the October issue of Investor. Financial editor Jeannie Stell was providing Leslie with air-conditioned overnight lodging, and was working on articles for the November issue. Oh, yes—the November issue! Oil and Gas Investor is already on top of it. We hope you enjoy your October issue of Oil and Gas Investor,,, A&D Watch and Today as much as we have enjoyed making them. Remember, your subscription to means you get October-issue content online before it arrives in your mailbox. And, check out the new, and find assets. You’ll do better deal-making for it. And, to Ike, we say, “You tried your best, but Oil and Gas Investor doesn’t fall down. It just doesn’t.” –Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch,;