The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has announced 15 technologies that have earned this year's Spotlight on New Technology Awards. The awards, which will be presented Monday, May 2, at 4 p.m. at OTC, recognize innovative new technologies in offshore E&P. The winners are chosen from technologies that are:

  • Less than two years old;
  • Original, groundbreaking, and capable of revolutionizing the offshore E&P industry;
  • Proven – through full-scale application or successful prototype testing;
  • Appealing throughout a wide spectrum of the industry; and
  • Impactful and provide significant benefits beyond existing technologies.
This year's award recipients are:
  • Baker Hughes - Kymera™ Hybrid Bit Technology
  • Baker Hughes - geoFORM™ conformable sand management system with Morphic™ technology
  • Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd. - Canrig SureGrip™ Ball-and-Pocket Gripping Technology
  • Halliburton - CleanWave™ Water Treatment Service
  • MyCelx Technologies Corp - MyCelx Clean Water Technology System
  • National Oilwell Varco - ShearMax™ Low Force Casing Shear Rams
  • PG Pump Solutions and Techni - PG-MAPS®
  • REELWELL AS - Reelwell - Multi Gradient System
  • SBM OFFSHORE NV - High Voltage Electric AC Swivel
  • Schilling Robotics, LLC - Heavy-Duty ROV
  • Schlumberger - Dielectric Scanner® Multifrequency Dielectric Dispersion Service
  • Schlumberger - SonicScope® Multipole Sonic-While-Drilling Service
  • Twin Filter BV. - Dynamic Centrifugal Coalescer
  • Weatherford International Ltd. - Deepwater Closed-Loop Drilling System
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