This morning was the dawn of Hart's webinar endeavors, launching with a great discussion between Bruce H. Vincent, vice chairman of IPAA and president of Swift Energy Co. in Houston, and Mike McAdams, Hart Energy Consulting lobbyist in Washington D.C. The gentleman discussed what changes may occur in the energy industry with the Obama administration. If you missed the webinar, never fear -- you can still view the archived webcast by registering at this link. Bruce spoke on specific legislative regulations that can be anticipated, such as a windfall profits tax, the offshore moratoria and the Clean Air Act. He also touched on the IPAA's representation in Washington and their plans for building relationships with the new office-holders. Mike gave a briefing on the new members of Congress and their energy agendas. Together, our speakers answered a number of audience-generated questions, including: --Who do you expect will be the most vocal representatives and senators in favor of increasing domestic production in the next Congress, either Democrat or Republican? --Is there any talk or rumor that IDCs may be reduced or taken away? --Will the IPAA be updating its survey from a few years ago that describes the demographics of U.S. independent producers? --What is the potential for the new administration to pass a windfall profits tax on oil and gas producers? --Who may become the Energy Secretary? --What impact will this administration have on the Canadian oil & gas industry, particular tarsands? To hear the entire webcast from this morning, register here.