The Cajundome in Lafayette, La. will host the Rally For Economic Survival on July 21, which will feature thousands of people who's livelihoods have been affected by the federal moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Not content to merely twiddle their thumbs and watch while the federal government fritters their jobs away, it appears Louisianans have decided to take a stab at that whole democracy thing. Governor Bobby Jindal, Stone Energy president and CEO David Welch and various other local community leaders and national energy organizations representations will discuss their thoughts on how the Obama administration's moratorium will negatively effect the economy in Louisiana. County singer Sammy Kershaw, who tried unsuccessfully to run for lieutenant governor of the state in 2007, will be performing for the crowd. Kershaw is member of the Protect Our Coastline organization and plans to run again for the lieutenant governor chair in 2010. I can already see the typical backlash against a pro-industry rally, with the typical claims of astroturfing and whatnot being lobbed by the Huffington Post crowd. Because as you know, a protest is only legitimate if it's organized by someone that looks like they haven't bathed in a month and has a homemade sign denouncing Israel or something. Unlike the typical alarmism from the "Silent Spring" faction, the moratorium will have immediate and negative effect on the people in the Gulf Coast region. Having weathered the effects of the 2007-2010 economic crisis at a much better rate then other parts of the country, it would be devastating to Texas and Louisiana for their to be a major pullback in offshore business. So if you're in Louisiana and are a potential vicitim of the moratorium, swing by the Cajundome and find out just what is being done to combat the ban. Or, you can just wait for that hope and change to solve everything.