According to a new White Paper published by 3i Oil, Gas & Power titled “Last Dash for Gas? Keeping Europe Out of Darkness”, an increase in gas-fired power generation is the only way of preventing a shortfall of capacity within the next ten years.

The report points out the possibilities of a reduction in generating capacity due to the boom-and-bust cyclical nature of developments. It supports the need for large-scale existing generation capacity replacement, and claims that, despite progress in some areas, renewable forms of power generation continue to have a limited impact on the overall market.

The paper also points out that with the implementation of certain initiatives such as low-emission generation (mostly nuclear), clean coal, and offshore wind at a utility scale could prevent an over reliance on gas fired production in the medium term.

3i’s paper states that all of these offer a range of challenges for developers, investors, and policy makers, but believes that with strong efforts to develop these programs across Europe, increased development of gas-fired generation can be sustained.

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