Ever wonder how your company stacks up? If you are in the U.S. and work for one of the top 40 operators Ernst & Young's new Global E&P benchmark study throws considerable light on the subject. Some of the interesting conclusions: exploration costs have risen 165 percent over the past five years (1993-1997) and development costs over the same period have risen 180 percent. Revenues from oil and gas operations in the U.S. increased 12 percent in 2007, to US141.5 billion but the bottom line increase amounted to only 4 percent due primarily to rising production costs and increases in depletion, depreciation and amortization. To take a look at the preview of the report, go to: http://www.ey.com/Global/assets.nsf/US/Industry_Oil_and_Gas_Global_E&P_benchmark_study/$file/Global_E&P_Benchmark_Study.pdf Bill