The IPAA and Energy In Depth are not amused with a new documentary making its rounds on HBO titled "GasLand." An indie darling of the Sundance Film Festival, the movie is essentially a hit piece on the unconventional gas drilling industry. The organizations report: "After months of researching the movie and following its screenings nationwide, IPAA and Energy In Depth have launched a major communications campaign to expose the film's inaccuracies. One tactic in this campaign is a truth vs. fiction fact sheet that has been broadly distributed to congressional offices, state legislatures, industry, allied groups, interested parties and news media. I'd like to thank the companies and industry groups that are using this material and crediting this effort." Energy In Depth seeks to correct any misconceptions the documentary creates with the GasLand Debunked flyer. The organizations' Energy in Depth website also provides info on this. I do have the question the timing of this documentary. Natural gas is for the first time in years being considered as possible viable candidate to replace gasoline as a transportation fuel, and then this comes along? I suggest people follow the money on this one. -Stephen Payne, Editor, Oil and Gas Investor This Week;;