Not many blog entry headlines are worth of the "?!" combination. But when Paris Hilton and the kind of energy that you don't get from Rockstar Energy Drink are found in the same sentence, we have an intergalactic catastrophe on our hands. Paris Hilton McCain and Obama have energy policies. And now, so does poolside, leopard-print-swimsuit-clad-Paris Hilton. In a 2-minute video, she shares her political genius and also retaliates from John McCain's ad that showed a picture of her, comparing Obama's media superstardom to that of Paris. So what is Paris' prescription for a positive energy future for America? Well, first off, increase the tanning bed usage for all Americans. But in all seriousness, Paris suggests "a hybrid" of McCain and Obama's energy campaigns. "We can do limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight. That way the offshore drilling carries us until new technologies kick in which will carry us to energy independence," Hilton recommends in her video, and gleefully adds, "Energy crisis solved!" Sadly, McCain and Obama have to be the only presidential candidates in all history that could allow room for Paris Hilton to be portrayed as the good guy, as someone who has more insight into the energy crisis than the future leader of our country. With two vastly opposite energy proposals, the politicians have inched too far from the political center on a campaign issue that is so important in the 2008 election. So thank you for your insight, Paris. Not everyone can be good looking AND intelligent like you, but we'll be sure to nominate you for presidency when you turn 35. Or we'll just watch a reality TV show about you campaigning to be president instead. –Lindsay Goodier, Online Editor,;;