By ASHLEY E. ORGAN, Assistant Editor In 1859, in Titusville, Pa., the first successful well was drilled with the sole purpose of finding oil. The Drake well, named after “Colonel” Edwin Drake who was responsible for the well, sparked an international search for petroleum, arguably changing global dynamics. Friends of Drake Well Inc., a membership association that supports educational, interpretive, publication, and promotional programs at the Drake Well Museum, believes that energy education is important. “Teaching our youth about energy issues is perhaps as important as teaching them grammar or history,” the website says. “As the next generation of energy users, effective education offered early can help our students choose energy sources and behaviors that will benefit everyone by creating a sustainable energy future.” With those goals in mind, the organization created the Mobile Energy Educational Training – Unit (MEET-U), an interactive mobile exhibit that travels to student-oriented events across the US. In 2010, more than 16,100 students visited the MEET-U trailer. Modifications to the trailer are under way. It now will house 14 televisions, one push-button station, and two touch-screen computers. In addition, the trailer will be divided into three zones: the using zone, the finding/production zone, and the energy zone where visitors get to choose an energy source for the future and present the pros and cons of their choice. The new trailer already is scheduled for 23 school visits, six industry events, and 14 community fairs or festivals in 2011. To receive the MEET-U Gazette, visit