It's been an interesting week in the media. First, cable news commentator Keith Olbermann was put on suspension for ethics violations for making campaign contributions to political guests on his show Countdown with Keith Olbermann (while at the same time choosing their opponents as the "Worst People in the World"), however MSNBC realized that benching their star player would cost the network all ten of their viewers, so they quickly backpedaled. Two days later, Olbermann was back with his Alfred E. Neuman smirk of approval. Second, former SNL cast member Tina Fey received a special award at the Kennedy Center for being a staggeringly unfunny comedian with a sitcom that no one watches ridiculing Sarah Palin for the past two years. Basically, a group of celebrities got together to congratulate each other for being celebrities and sharing the same political views, and rewarded the one who best belittled a woman that didn't get elected but somehow is still the bane of their existence. Oh yeah, and the so-called media covered Hart Energy's DUG East conference from last week with the typical degree of fair reporting. In an act of unbiased journalism, the Real News actually gave Oil and Gas Investor editor Leslie Haines a sum total of two short sequences before changing into a commercial for Jason Fox's documentary Gasland. Haines spoke a total of about 100 words on camera, while Fox got closer to 355. And that's not counting all the other like minded people who made it in the story as well. The sheer attempt to disguise a one-sided attack as being legitimate news is laudatory in today's political climate, so I salute The Real News for so cheaply covering their bases. I suppose a group of angry, unemployed protesters and punk rocker Justin Sane singing (caterwauling?) a really bad protest song (Woody Guthrie must be spinning in his grave) are more visually appealing then the sight of businessmen conducting their affairs in quiet, professional way. Oh, one final note: CBS will be airing a new episode of CSI tonight. The episode, titled "Fracked," features this synopsis: "Two men are murdered right before accusing a natural gas company of poisoning the water in a farming town." Sounds like another winner to me.