On Tuesday, May 5, 2009, a luncheon was held at Houston’s Hotel Za Za celebrating the renewal of the Bilateral Partnership for Business Growth and Cooperation between Houston, Texas, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The main message of the event was Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier’s urge for energy centers like Houston and Calgary to become leaders in reducing green house gas emissions. Bronconnier said, “Cities like ours have the most to lose and the most to gain.” “There are few cities better positioned than Calgary and Houston to actually deliver on this goal. We have the corporate infrastructure, the people and the know how to spear-head the development and commercialization of green energy technology,” said Bronconnier. “There is no doubt that green house gas emissions have become one of our most pressing issues. “But if we are willing to be engaged in that discussion, and to continue to show our leadership through the actions of our people, governments and industry, I have no doubt we have the most to gain from the future,” said Bronconnier. The lunch was hosted by the Greater Houston Partnership in Texas, and applauded the leadership of Mayor Bill White.