Animal rights group PeTA has come up with a novel way of trying to protect fish: give them a new, cuddly name! Yes, PeTA had long ago decided that fishing is just plain wrong and believes the best way to combat mankind's desire to rip poor, helpless fish from the oceans is to target the young and indoctrinate them into thinking that fish are cute and cuddly. They're already tried to scare children away from fishing with their "educational" comic book, so now the next course is to convince them that fish are actually cuddly little furry animals that live beneath the waves. You know PeTA, I have another animal that's in need of your protection. I call it the Petrokitten. Petrokittens live in business areas like Wall Street, downtown Houston and Calgary. They're big creatures that produce oil and create jobs for our economy. However, some people want to kill these critters and replace them with untested alternative energy creatures that are currently the work of fantasy. Let's call them Unicorngiggles. While Unicorngiggles may someday be able to replace the work that is provided by Petrokittens, it would be foolish to kill off all the Petrokittens now and blindly hope we have enough Unicorngiggles to fulfill our everygrowing needs. I can even suggest an comic book title to be marketed to children of Petrokitten haters: "Why Does Your Daddy Hate The Free-Market System?" –Stephen Payne, Editor, Oil and Gas Investor This Week;;