Some 22 miles off the coast of Long Beach, California, lies a lovely little island called Catalina. The town is called Avalon. The water is ice-clear blue, the fish are foot-long goldfish, and the itty-bitty picturesque town is nestled on the beach at the foothills where buffalo still roam. Now I hear there are gangs moving onto the island. According to reports, deputies on the isle say a gang called the Brown Pride Locos has gotten a foothold among the beaches, coves and tourist shops. A stabbing, burglaries and graffiti are being blamed on the gang, and deputies last month surprised teenagers practicing moves with knives on a dark bluff above Avalon's crescent-shaped bay. There have been at least six arrests and two police raids so far. The residents are split between welcoming the crackdown and resenting the interference. The island makes its money mostly from tourists, more so now since the casino closed, so perhaps all the residents should get on board, and make incoming gang members unwelcome, and restrain their own children from property crime and more violent activities. Why should I care? I'd like to retire there someday.