When running a news website, the most important mission of the site is to get visitors news and information fast through every medium as fast as possible. At E&P, we know that the news that we receive is imperative to our customers to make important decisions. That's why epmag.com is now on Twitter! I avoided Twitter like I avoided the chicken pox when I was younger (I still have never had them) because the last thing I wanted was to keep up with yet another social networking site that would more than likely be more hype than useful. I was wrong. While I don't have a personal account, I have found it to be a very useful business-to-business tool at the office. It is an excellent way to disseminate information to our consumers quickly and effectively. Follow us at http://twitter.com/Hart_EPmag to get up-to-the-minute alerts on the latest news we have available on our site. You will receive updates when we have breaking news, new webinars, premium content, videos, events, special features, exclusives... sometimes before anyone else has access to it. Be among the first to know by following our feeds. If you do not have a Twitter account, you can set one up at http://twitter.com/ quickly and easily. See you there!