James Cameron, director of science fiction films The Terminator, Aliens and Avatar has changed his stance of wanting Canadian officials to terminate oilsands production. Haha, get it? Earlier this year, Cameron called the oilsands a "black eye" on Canada, citing images of mining pits as being nearly post-apocalyptic in nature. However, following a recent tour of the areas, Cameron has eased up on the heavier rhetoric, willing to take a more even-keeled approach to the topic. Cameron told Reuters:

"I don't see this as black-and-white as I did before I came here. You see pictures of the big holes in the ground and the giant tailings ponds, and you get briefed by environmentalists. It's a total gloom-and-doom picture and one's knee-jerk impulse is, well, you've got to just stop this. Of course it's more complex than that. I'm much more appreciative of the boon, the upside of this whole thing in terms of energy independence for North America and all that."
As a lifelong fan of James Cameron's work, I'm happy to see him take a more open-minded approach to North American energy production. He still retains a cautious optimism, maintaining there is still potential for negative effects of energy production (and he's right, there's always going to be some negative trade-off when it comes to gathering natural resources), but at least he's a big enough man to admit that he was wrong. So kudos to you Mr. Cameron. If you won't make any more knee-jerk comments on the energy industry, I'll forget that you directed Piranha 2: The Spawning. Fair enough?