Every December we devote our editorial coverage to emerging technologies as well as taking a look back on the closing year. I can use your help on this.

This year we will have two major features, one on “industry milestones” and the other on emerging technologies. Here’s the difference between the two: industry milestones are anything that happened in 2008 that may have set some sort of record – largest survey, deepest OBC survey or permanent installation, radical new vessel design, most shots fired in a day, etc. Emerging technologies are concepts that are perhaps in the pilot or beta stage of testing but are not yet commercial.

While I cover these topics as best I can throughout the year, I’m sure I miss things from time to time. So if you have a breakthrough on the verge of transforming the industry, or if you’ve achieved a record that you’re very proud of, please let me know. I’m primarily interested in exploration technology, but if you have drilling or production technology that you’d like to crow about, I can forward that information to one of our other editors.

Please keep me posted on your successes. That’s what I’m here for.