The RMI oilfield breakfast in Houston is one of the largest discussion forums in the petroleum industry. Initiated in 1994, the forum features breakfast sessions that are held three times a year and routinely attract more than 700 participants. The speakers at the July 28 event included Jim Wicklund, principal of Carlson Capital LLC, Munawar Hidayatallah, CEO of Allis-Chalmers Energy Inc., Joseph Ash, vice president of offshore exploration for Devon Energy Corp., and Larry Dickerson, president and CEO of Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. There were a lot of interesting things said at the meeting (you can access the presentations if you’re interested at, but one of the most entertaining was a list put forward by Larry Dickerson. Larry suggested his top ten ways to tell that the oil boom is over. For those who didn’t attend this morning’s event, I’m sharing them here. 10 “Breakfast Forum” becomes “Bring Your Own Bagel Summit” 9 Jackup owners hoping for a Category 5 hurricane. 8 Chavez broadcasts apology over seized oil assets. 7 Renewable what? 6 Governator ‘won’t be back.’ 5 Mayor White calls meeting to rename Energy Corridor. 4 “Cash for Clunkers” replaces “Windfall Profits Tax” as energy solution. 3 MMS to offer 2-for-1 at August GoM lease sale. 2 OPEC applies for TARP. 1 Boone Pickens begins stealing concrete slabs!