In July, I did a series of blog entries called, "Gas Is So Expensive..." that gave a few suggestions of what depths the general public would stoop to in order to avoid high gas prices:

Now, four months later, our nation is seeing the lowest gas prices it's seen in three years. Even in California, prices are on the path to falling below $2/gallon. The price of gasoline is one of the bright spots in the downward economy, so I figure it's time to celebrate. Gas is so cheap... *It costs more to clean a month's worth of laundry with Clorox than to get one gallon of gasoline. Clorox is $1.99/gallon. *It costs more to buy a gallon of 2% milk ($3.99/gallon) to dip your favorite cookies in than it does to buy one gallon of gas. *Do Monster Energy Drinks keep you awake 20 hours a day? Well, Monster is going to cost you $12.80/gallon. In Texas, you currently could buy about seven gallons of gas for that amount. Who needs an energy drink when you have enough gas in your car to get you from Austin to Houston? *Do you rely on Windex to solve all your problems, much like the family on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?" I love the scene when Tula wakes up with a wedding day pimple, and her father's advice is, "Put some Windex on it." Well, Windex costs a pretty penny these days: $17.29/gallon. That can fill up my Chevy Prism's entire tank with today's low gas prices. So while today's economy may have some people down in the dumps, at least we can be grateful this Thanksgiving for Windex-whippingly low gas prices.