As many of our visitors may have noticed, our site has been down for a good part of the week due to power outages in Houston. Like most of Houston, business is slowly carrying on as usual at Oil and Gas Investor. As I relayed in my last blog, I was fortunate enough to be out of town for Hurricane Ike. I returned to Houston Tuesday and have been able to volunteer at two different POD (Point Of Distribution) locations since then, handing out food, water and ice. While driving around the city the last couple of days, I have seen devastating destruction. boat1.jpg Boats in the harbor in Seabrook, Texas submerged in 5-10 feet of water. boat2.jpg Some of the boats ended up on land, in buildings, or crashed into other boats. tree.jpg Tree damage in my neighborhood in West Houston. Ike Though the hurricane caused plenty of damage to Houston, Galveston and surrounding neighborhoods, I have been extremely blessed by the spirit of community I have experienced over the last few days. Houston is a place of resilient, positive people. In the distribution lines the last couple days, most everyone has smiled and had positive spirits for the future. This city will bounce back quickly, as will any effect Hurricane Ike had on the oil industry.