Those of you who have been following E&P for any length of time may have noticed a few things about our website. Like, number one, we actually have one that works – for awhile we didn’t. Our website now has news and commentary from our editors, web-exclusive articles, news briefs that are updated daily, even archives of past issues. And we’re not resting on our laurels. 2009 will usher in even more improvements, notably seven newsletters per month that will cover every angle of the industry from exploration to careers. I’m writing the exploration newsletter, so that’s my chief concern. But before I launch into my diatribe, note that the editor of any of our newsletters (drilling, production, offshore, IT, calendar of events, or careers) that you might be interested in reading will be interested in your input. For now, though, I’m hoping to get some feedback on the type of exploration newsletter that would really be of value to you in your day-to-day activities. I can foresee that it would contain some of the news information that I receive on a regular basis – new seismic surveys, new software releases, etc. It could also focus on a few activity highlights, perhaps have a technology spotlight, include interviews with movers and shakers within the industry, profile companies with novel ideas, etc. But none of this is carved in stone, and this is where I’m soliciting your help. If you can think of any information that you either don’t have access to at all or that you have to go to several sources to compile, please bring this to my attention and I will do my darndest to bring that to you on a monthly basis. Newsletters have value because they provide useful information in a single place. Rather than have me decide which information I think you might want, here’s your chance to tell me. I promise I will listen.