There's Haynesville shale here. There's Haynesville shale there. Acreage-holders in northwestern Louisiana have not yet fully defined the economically producible boundaries of the Haynesville shale, and rumors are rampant. One source says an operator is talking about it extending into Arkansas. The shale is becoming as legendary as UFO sightings. One observer says, "This is the biggest lease play of the last quarter-century. (Shell Oil Co.'s) effort is noteworthy. They don't chase 'BS PUDs' to run the stock. So, Shell must think this play is for real. We know they have transferred a large group of Tech folks from offshore to this play. This is their first serious effort onshore in 30 years." A whole report on the play, "Haynesville 101," is in this month's issue of Oil and Gas Investor. (For a copy, write to, or if you subscribe to Oil and Gas Investor, go to Here is some additional information: Petrohawk Energy Corp.'s presentation at IPAA's Oil & Gas Investment Symposium is here (see pages 11-14): petrohawkipaaogis4808.pdf. Here is Chesapeake Energy Corp.'s New York presentation (see page 8): chesapeakeenergyogis4908.pdf Here is Goodrich Petroleum Corp.'s New York presentation (see pages 12 and 13): goodrichipaa4808.pdf. Also, please see these blog postings: Dave Pursell’s ‘Bat Out Of Haynesville’ To Debut On ‘Shreveport Idol’, McClendon…On The Haynesville: The Next Barnett? and Larry Nichols…On The Haynesville Shale. –Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch, Oil and Gas Investor This Week,;