I should probably subtitle this “working girl’s blues” – the annual meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) is, for geophysicists, a great time to come together and share their collective knowledge and wisdom. For exhibitors, it’s a chance to showcase their latest and greatest technology. And for me, it’s a job that I haven’t been physically qualified for since I was in my 20s.

But I’m not complaining. SEG is my favorite show of the year, and I’ve followed this industry almost my entire 15 years at Hart. I remember when our show dailies were sponsored by a single company, and any editorial that wasn’t about the show was about their products. Then we went to a more journalistic approach, allowing multiple advertisers in each day and sending more reporters to do live coverage. Back then (2000 or so), there were times that we weren’t even sure we’d have a show daily – times were so bleak for geophysical contractors that even an ad in a show daily was pushing their budgets. But then something wonderful started to happen. Contractors started to get more work, more mutliclient data sales, etc., and our dailies blossomed as a result. We went from barely scraping together eight pages to having to turn down editorial at 24 pages. And this shows no signs of stopping.

I attribute this not only to our crack sales staff (though I’m sure they deserve a ton of credit) but also to the industry in general. I heard a comment from a friend yesterday who had attended a Microsoft conference and said that the booths at SEG put those computer booths to shame. Somewhere, somehow, this conference has gotten it right in a big way, and those of us lucky enough (despite our aches and pains) to attend know we’ve got a good thing going.

To see more of Hart’s SEG show coverage, visit https://www.epmag.com/2010/October/item70782.php