I recently received a press release from the Hybrid Owners of America titled "From the Magic Bus to the Green Bus" discussing Volkswagen's new electric car version of their microbus named The Bulli. The motor would have a 186-mile range, and it's high-speed charging station would have the car up and running again in an hour. With global unrest causing gas prices to soar it's not surprising that consumers are revisiting the idea of owning hybrid vehicles. However, I find it interesting that the Hybrid Owners of America left out what I think is a huge detail for consumers - Battery-powered cars are not green cars. Unless the consumer's house is powered by wind, solar, or some other type of renewable energy, the home battery charging market will not be a completely green way to go. Battery-powered cars need to be plugged in and charged. If the consumer has electricity powered by gas and coal at their home the car will not be green. Suddenly to own an electric car doesn't have the green attraction that it is marketed to have. The only difference would be that it takes 10 minutes to fill up at the gas pump and it takes at least an hour for the electric car to power up. Which one would you rather have on a road trip?