We like a man who puts his money where his mouth is--and Texas energy entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens certainly has the money to back up his words. What's more, he has the passion. At Oil and Gas Investor's Energy Capital Forum held in Houston in June, he told attendees he planned a major media campaign about energy solutions for America. (See OilandGasInvestor.com for video of his remarks and a press conference as well.) But we never dreamed that Pickens' energy campaign would turn out to be so big. A new website: pickensplan.com. A series of high-profile TV ads airing on the major networks, CNN and more, in prime time and during the Sunday morning political talk shows. Daily email alerts on the latest news, sent to Pickens Army. Then on Tuesday, August 26, NBC News apparently rejected his latest ad, dubbed "Iran Ad." In this one, Pickens claims that Iran is moving to have more of its domestic cars fueled by natural gas, so that it can export more of its oil at high prices, (currently about $116 a barrel)--while the U.S. "is not doing anything" to curb its oil consumption. NBC allegedly said that the ad was too controversial and contained unsubstantiated claims. On August 27, prominent law firm Patton Boggs sent a letter of protest to NBC on Pickens' behalf, accusing NBC of selectively applying the First Amendment. The network has already aired Pickens' other seven ads in his energy campaign, which touts wind power for electricity, natural gas for vehicles, and reduced oil imports. However, the ad matter appears to be resolved. Adweek, the advertising industry trade publication, said on August 28 that NBC relented, or reconsidered, and has accepted the Iran ad to run--without any changes--on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC. It is not clear when the ad will air. Pickens has always been an intriguing oilman, admired for his successes, looked to for his bold speaking, and counted on for his generous donations to charities, universities and other causes. Now, he is a hero to First Amendment supporters as well. A welcome, if unlikely, event. --Leslie Haines, Editor-in-chief, Oil and Gas Investor, lhaines@hartenergy.com