It's time for "Gas Is So Expensive...Day Two." Several businesses, homeowners and even state officials have decided to let their grass go au naturel as a response to high gas prices. In Stillwater, Oklahoma (Boone Pickens' stomping ground) the city has designated "natural areas" of parkland where grass will be allowed to grow unhindered. Workers are mowing less than half the acreage they were at this time last year. While mowing my lawn as an excuse for "going green" sounds like a great excuse for being lazy, some people are taking more innovative approaches. Ecomowers are becoming all the rage among green circles. These push-operated mowers run on zero gasoline or electricity, cutting lawns with scissors and even leaving behind a fine mulch spray. Others are turning to electric-powered mowers, which have corded or cordless models. The corded models leave the mower a little movability, while the battery for the cordless mowers adds about 30 pounds to the model.