Were you ever a part of the science fair when you were a kid? I remember winning the Tulsa Science Fair in the category of Botany my sophomore year of high school. All I had to do was grow bean plants in peatmoss, kitty litter, and a few other strange substances, and I won a nice trophy and a trip to the state science fair. Well, the modern-day science fair is more than just an opportunity for kids to win blue ribbons. These days, kids are helping formulate answers on how to sustain our environment. And this week, child scientists from around the world gather in Houston to display their energy, engineering, and environment projects at I-SWEEP 2009. I-SWEEEP works with local, national, and international science fair organizations to bring together the top-ranking participants and qualifying projects from these competitions. The projects are judged by industry professionals and academicians from area universities such as Rice and the University of Houston. Winners not only receive a medal for their effort, but a scholarship from universities. The mission of I-SWEEEP is to raise increasing interest in solving energy-related problems among students. I-SWEEEP also promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy management, and clean technology concepts in secondary education. So if you happen to pass by the George R. Brown sometime this week, you can stop in and shake the hands of some kids who might be working with you someday! Lindsay Goodier, Online Editor, OilandGasInvestor.com