In the past year Hart Energy Publishing has embarked on a new venture — webinars. I was telling my father about this new feature on our Web site when he stopped me and asked, “What is a webomar?” After explaining the concept to him, I found out that it was the word, not the concept, that was the stumbling block. “Oh! Okay. I do those from my phone for the company, but we don’t call them webomars,” he said. If my father, who is highly educated and a veteran in this industry (and a man who enjoys playing on the Internet), doesn’t know what a webinar is, I have to wonder how many other people in the industry don’t know? Our Web editor receives more than a dozen calls per week asking, “What is a ‘webinar?’” or “What does ‘on demand’ mean?” With those numbers it is obvious the term clearly has not crossed the generation gap. So what exactly IS a webinar? In its basic form, it is either a broadcast, conference, or meeting that takes place through the Internet where a panel of speakers gives presentations online on a topic, then opens the floor to listeners who can participate in a Q&A session. Anyone can register, log in through their computer, listen to the speakers, and watch the presentation. Participants can follow it in real time and ask the panel questions toward the end of the session. It’s as easy and convenient as logging in to your e-mail. But what happens if someone wants to listen to the webinar and cannot be at the computer at the scheduled time? That’s where the expression “on demand” comes in. Hart Energy Publishing stores all webinars on its servers, which means anyone can register and listen to any of our webinars at any time. The material is not modified in any way, so it is exactly the same broadcast as the real-time one. The only difference between the one in real time and the archived version is that it is not interactive, meaning that questions can only be asked live. All a listener has to do is go to, register for the webinar, and listen to it when desired — anywhere, anytime. Webinars give participants expert information with the click of a few links from the comfort and convenience of wherever they choose to listen. If you want to learn about the Arctic in your house in your flannel pants while you drink your morning coffee — demand it! Visit our webinar section now at