Energy analysts can be convinced to change their recommendation. The world-renowned Dan Pickering at Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. Securities Inc. has gotten onboard in betting on David Cook, one of the three remaining American Idol-ists. Pickering had picked the "other David" -- David Archuleta -- early on, and reported today that David Cook will be (or should be) the winner. I asked what won him over this week. He noted that he had long-ago switched his pick to Cook. This was on March 26, when he reported such in the following in one of his daily e-notes: "American Idol analysis – Move over Archuleta..there is new front-runner in town. David Cook gave the best Idol performance of year the (maybe ever?) with a chilled-out version of "Billie Jean." Yes...he made a Michael Jackson song very, very cool again. Worthy of downloading on I-tunes…unfortunately, we get no royalty or referral fee." Pickering's original rating was issued in February in the following: "Get on the train – You read it here first (well, maybe not first in print, but we’re the first in energy research to go out with this). David Archuleta will win American Idol this season and his first record will sell gazillions. He’s the anti-Sanjaya. Some serious ability to sing. Worth watching show, just to hear him. Fire up your TIVO. Full disclosure – neither analyst nor TPH owns or I-banks TIVO." Pickering's report today: " American Idol thoughts – Does anyone else think this week’s audio was just plain terrible? There’s a reason they have a band on this show…because nobody sounds good when you can’t hear the music! Only good thing was goofiest-contestant-ever Jason Castro is gone. Now set up for David-David battle. Cooke will win...probably by wide margin. Bank it." I haven't seen an over/under on the board, but surely there is a book open in Vegas. The other contestant remaining is Syesha ("'Yes' Is In My Name") Mercado. The winner should be Syesha or Cook. Here's the best test: Whose CD do you think you might want to buy? Cook and Mercado win this one. A fellow editor asked why following American Idol would be so much fun for a financial-publication editor and an energy-industry analyst. The editor's answer, at least: "Football season doesn't start again until August." –Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch, Oil and Gas Investor This Week,;