This year’s Super Bowl will be a pairing of up-and-comer Eli Manning, getting his first shot at the ring, and veteran Tom Brady going for a fourth. Peyton Manning spared Manning-philes a week ago of a dreaded, or fantasy, match-up of the two Mannings themselves for bowl gold. Eli is now up. Here’s a Manning tie to the upstream oil and gas business that is not well known: third, and oldest, brother, Cooper, works for energy investment banker Howard Weil in New Orleans. He doesn’t play football since injuries his freshman year at Ole Miss, and he likes to joke that another kind of bowl is his game — bowling. Eli’s equivalent pairing against Brady would be Guma Aguiar, founder of Leor Energy, and his David/Goliath success in turning the $100,000 start-up company into a $2.55B exit in just four years. And, most of the $2.55B wasn’t owed. (For more on this, see “Executive of the Year: Leor Energy’s Guma Aguiar.”) So, who would be Brady in the Upstream M&A Super Bowl? Several veterans in the E&P business come to mind: Paul Rady, Don Wolf, Roger Biemans, Lisa Stewart, Roger Jarvis. These senior E&P executives have more than $4B of combined private-equity firepower, and if using 50/50 debt/equity leverage, they cumulative have some $8B of total capital to for grabbing up assets this coming year.