As I compiled the news today for the weekly Buzz I found myself seeing numerous BOEMRE announcements, reports and press releases. I'm truly enjoying seeing all this activity starting up in deepwater Gulf of Mexico again. I know it will be a while before we see deepwater activity in the Gulf of Mexico go back to normal, but it is still exciting to see how the process has evolved a month shy of the year anniversary of the Macondo disaster. If you have missed any of the permits or news items, I made a round up of our headlines and exclusives below: To read about the permit approvals so far, click the articles below: First Permit Approval In Gulf Of Mexico Not A Victory BOEMRE Issues Second Gulf Of Mexico Permit Approval BOEMRE Approves Third Deepwater Drilling Permit To Meet New Safety Standards BOEMRE Approves ExxonMobil’s Deepwater Drilling Permit BOEMRE Approves Fifth Deepwater Drilling Permit BOEMRE Gives Nod To Statoil To Drill New Deepwater Well Other related articles:

Petrobras Receives Approval For First Production From Its Inaugural FPSO In The Gulf Of Mexico A Gulf Of Mexico Milestone? First New Deepwater Plan Approved Since Oil Spill BOEMRE Issues Memo To Assist Offshore Operators With New Requirements BOEMRE Approves First New Well At Cardamom Deep