The global financial chaos and low commodity prices that plagued late 2008 and most of 2009 left much of the investment community in limbo, eager for signs of recovery. In the interim, several prominent institutional investors quietly reduced their exposure to energy stocks. But other buysiders are taking a more strategic, optimistic view, seeing valuable investment opportunities in the major integrated oils, independents with seasoned management teams and “underdog stocks” Wall Street may be underestimating. And, while the buysiders investing in energy aren’t immune to what’s creating industry buzz—unconventional assets and oil-weighted E&Ps—many are reluctant to exchange foundational beliefs for what’s in fashion. Now that institutional investors are looking again, are they valuing companies based on assets, balance sheets or just commodity prices? In June, look for my U.S. buyside cover story in Oil and Gas Investor and on . Six buyside firms discuss current investment strategies, holdings that are exceeding expectations and energy subsectors poised to outperform this year. More than 15 companies in various energy subsectors are identified as exceptional investment opportunities. As a complement to the story, commentary from interviewees that had to be cut due to space limitations will be posted in coming weeks. Stay tuned. –Bertie Taylor, Senior Editor, Oil and Gas Investor,, 713-260-6497.