By Rebecca Torrellas, Online Editor

According to an article by CNN titled, “Oil rig workers gain dubious distinction,” roustabout was voted the worst job in America for 2011. It’s not surprising considering the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in April and the massive oil spill that followed.

This is the second year that roustabout has earned that title. According to CareerCast, the reasons for this are the stress and risks involved in the job and the relatively low salary (average salary for a mid-level roustabout is $32,143 according to the site).

Careers are ranked using five core criteria: Work Environment, Physical Demands, Outlook, Income and Stress. More than 200 professions are surveyed every year. According to Careercast, the purpose of the research is to “determine how gratifying each job will be for a majority of workers – not just those who are famous or exceptional.”

Meanwhile, software engineer ranked as the top career of 2011. It is not surprising that the top ranked job is one that involves the design and creation of software for everything from operating systems to cell phone "apps" to interactive games.

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