At the annual EnerCom Inc. conference in Denver, Calgary-based operator Canadian Superior Energy Inc. announced its Bounty wildcat, drilled in Block 5(c) offshore Trinidad, tested at a stablized rate of 60 million cubic feet of gas per day, restricted by equipment. The resource potential of the tested structure is up to 2.6 Tcf. "Today's a very important day for Canadian Superior," said Craig McKenzie, chief executive officer, speaking to an attentive crowd at the first session after lunch on August 13. "This is the second discovery we've made this year in Trinidad and Tobago, so we're on a roll." When the Bounty well is hooked up and developed, the company expects it to produce at rates approaching 200 million cubic feet a day. "I don't know how many shale-gas wells that is, probably about 500," said McKenzie. Next, the Kan Tan IV semi-submersible will move to another wildcat prospect, Endeavour, on the same block. Congratulations to CanSup! --by Peggy Williams, Senior Exploration Editor, Oil and Gas Investor