Back from Mardi Gras in my home country of Lafayette (well, I've been back for a bit but then there was another big event, NAPE Expo 2008), here's the "$92 Oil Report." If you love Fat Tuesday celebrations at $1.50 natural gas and $11 oil, you're gonna love, love, love it at $8 and $92. The beads are the best. The first catch was a neat strand of golf-ball-sized purple, green and gold (the colors of the season). The rest of the catch at this one parade alone was enough to supply a dozen colleagues at Hart Energy Publishing with a bit of the loot. "Bead Envy" is a Mardi Gras phenomenon. Everyone is admiring and at times envying other parade-goers beads. Wake up on Ash Wednesday, and they're worthless. And, one wonders, "What am I going to do with this?" (Unless you're from a small town in New Hampshire and you have a bunch of fellow citizens to hand the bounty off to to their delight.) Another phenomenon: $92 oil and $8 gas has brought Starbucks to Broussard, La. (my home town). Yes, the java purveyor has set up shop at the corner of Albertson's Boulevard and U.S. Highway 90, which is also known as "Oilfield Highway," as this route serves almost all of the Gulf of Mexico E&P industry. Yes, Starbucks should be loving $92 oil and $8 gas too. Beginning from Lafayette, along this highway are offices and yards for practically every oilfield-service firm that supplies the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. Along it too are numerous billboards by many of these same firms, advertising "Help Wanted." Starbucks could come up with a special Mardi Gras blend: part Tabasco. Here are some Mardi Gras observations: -- First "Darwin Award" candidate: The girl who sat on her fella's shoulders on the back of a flatbed during a parade. She was bumped out of the running when she soon chose to get down. -- "Darwin Award" winner: The girl in Albertson's (one in Lafayette, not Broussard) who asked for help to find the beer because her Mardi Gras mask was obscuring her vision. Yeah, really. -- The crowd: Huge! -- The fun: Best ever! Love that $92 oil and $8 gas. -- Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch and Oil and Gas Investor This Week