Hart Energy Publishing hosted the Developing Unconventional Oil Conference and Exhibition earlier this year in Denver. Known as DUO, the conference looked at the technology, geology, geochemistry, and geophysics involved in the recovery of unconventional oil from the Bakken, Three Forks/Sanish, Monterey, Niobrara and Mowry shale plays, and more. For those of who were not among the 950 attendees at the inaugural conference, we are offering an opportunity to get the information from top executives that your competitors got at the conference through a new video series: Developing Unconventional Oil Series - Session One Developing Unconventional Oil Series - Session Two Developing Unconventional Oil Series - Session Three 2010 Speakers Included: - Harold G. Hamm, CEO, Continental Resources - Philip H. "Pete" Stark, Ph.D., Vice President, IHS Inc. - Jim Volker, CEO/President, Whiting Petroleum - Peter Dea, President and CEO, Cirque Resources - Peter Loeffler, VP of E&P, American Oil & Gas, Inc. - Tim Marquez, Chairman and CEO, Venoco Inc. - Bob Boswell, CEO, Laramie Energy II - Daniel M. Jarvie, President, Worldwide Geochemistry