Trellis Energy, a leading software provider to the energy industry, has launched Trellis Agora, the industry's first SaaS B2B marketplace for the natural gas market. Trellis Agora provides the first consolidated platform where all supply chain participants, including producers, transporters, shippers, marketers, brokers, utilities, and end-users, can converge to conduct mission-critical business across commercials, logistics, settlement and compliance.

"Industry participants are struggling with aging and disparate systems, as well as business processes and data challenges across multiple providers. They are also lacking critical visibility into the market and their businesses," Archana Srivastava, Trellis' chief product officer, said. "Trellis Agora brings all industry participants together into a single marketplace to transact seamlessly, eliminate inefficiencies, activate new business opportunities, and provide real-time analytics and tools to improve decision-making."

Launched on  Sept. 1, Agora is comprised of three hubs: Information Hub, Transaction Hub, and Partner Connect—each uniquely supporting a specific aspect of the natural gas supply chain. Participants can subscribe to only what they need, while quickly adopting emerging business trends with fast deployments to a cloud-based solution. Other valuable benefits include reducing overall IT and operational costs, optimizing assets, and increasing revenue.

"Our goal is to transform the natural gas supply chain, enabling organizations to maximize their return on assets," Rakesh Agrawal, Trellis founder and CEO, said. "The energy industry is migrating rapidly towards digital transformation and modernization. Trellis Agora is a pivotal technology supporting that evolution and is best positioned to positively disrupt the industry."